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1. Slaughter-houses
Daily and weekly transportation of cattle and sheep for different to slaughter-houses in Enschede, Oldenzaal, Epe, Amsterdam, De Goorn, Veenendaal, Teuge, Dodewaard and Marenkessel. Also to other slaughter-houses if there are enough cattle and sheep.

2. Cattle export collecting places
For various organisations we collect heifer, young bulls, sheep and calves and bring them to cattle export collecting places (a.o. Salland in Zwolle, Oldeman in Nieuwleusen, v.d. Wetering in Brakel, v.d. Wetering in Zwolle, Verhagen in St. Oedenrode, Dijkstra in Hijlaard, De Boer in Boksum, van Dommelen in Woerden and Reimink in Lemelerveld).

3. Breeding-cattle auctions and examinations
For various breeding organisations we take care of national and international transportation. We also take care of the transportation for CR Delta in the whole Holland to various examinations. Furthermore we take care of the yearly HHH-auction and the Tulip Sale.

4. Top Quality Livestock
For various organisations we take care of transportation of exclusive cattle throughout Europe.

5. Company relocation
During a relocation we take care of the transportation of the complete cattle (also to locations outside the Netherlands).