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We are a company with 6 drivers and 2 temps. We try to let our trucks drive 24 hours a day. At the office we work with 2 people, but in busy times they are also driving trucks so that all trucks are used as efficiently as possible. Added to that we work with selected charters so we know that the job we give to other transport companies will be done with good quality.

The planning and administration of the transportations are done completely by computer. This makes it much easier for the drivers and the people at the office. A number of examples:

1. Ride-assignment for the driver
On the ride-assignment there is a short description of the route for each load/unload address. Also the requirements of the loading/unloading are mentioned. For example a part of the stables where it is not allowed to load/unload can be mentioned.

2. History of carried out rides
After a ride is carried out all the data is saved in the computer. If there is a case of a disease it is always possible to track down where the cattle was loaded.

3. Processing of ride-assignments via EDI or Email
For the bigger customers the ride-assignment are coming in via EDI/email, so there is less chance of errors in the data.

The evening before loading the loading times are faxed to all the dealers so they know exactly when the cattle is transported. It is also possible to log in on this website to retrieve the loading information.