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Around 1876 they (great-grandfather Rientjes) drove parcels to Zwolle with horse and carriage. My great-grandfather (van Schooten) married Anna Rientjes in 1908 and from that time we are registered at the Chamber of Commerce. The business was expanded with sand and gravel tranportation and there was also a bit of wage-earning. Later wood transportation was added.

In 1938 my grandfather (Willem Kamphof) married Anna van Schooten. In 1948 the first truck was used to get milkcans from the farms and to transport cows to the cattle-market on Fridays. In 1950 they also started to transport pigs. In 1970 my father took over the cattle-transportation from my grandfather and my uncle took over the other business parts of which he only has the wood transportation left. My dad started transporting cows directly from the farms to the slaughter-house.

In 1992 I came to the company (so we now have a so called V.O.F.). The last couple of years the transportation of pigs became less profitable and in 1996 we decided to hand over the pig transportation to another company. In return we got their share in cattle transportation. So we changed from an all-round transport company to a company that specializes in cattle, horses and sheep. Also the old-fashioned pen and paper have been replaced by a modern computer system, so that all the animals are individually traceable.

2005: We have a new location in Heino

2006: We have opened a new company in Hungary. We start there whit 3 trucks.

Hans Kamphof